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Your Pixel Watch 2 could soon tell the time through vibrations

Your Pixel Watch 2 could soon tell the time through vibrations

Google is working on a Vibration watch feature for its smartwatch


  • You can customize your Pixel Watch with different faces and Always on Display option.
  • Pixel Watch 2 users may soon enjoy telling time through vibrations with two unique options to choose from.
  • Look out for the new Vibration watch feature in the upcoming March 2024 Pixel Feature Drop from Google.

You can customize the Google Pixel Watch with different watch faces to view the time and essential complications in a style you like. To keep a check on the time and incoming notifications, you also have the option to enable Always on Display, though this comes at the expense of battery life. Google has now been spotted working on another new feature for its smartwatch that would allow it to tell the time by vibrating.


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A Reddit user spotted a new Vibration watch option in the Vibration menu of his Pixel Watch 2. The feature will tell the current time through vibrations: “When the screen is on, tap the watch face with 2 fingers to check the time: single tap for the hour and double-tap for the minute.”

There will seemingly be two vibration options on offer: Digits and Terse. In the former, your Pixel Watch will give a “long vibration for 10 and a short vibration for one.” With Terse, the time is rounded to the nearest quarter, and the watch will give a short vibration for every 15-minute increment. Additionally, Google will provide up to five different vibration speed settings for greater customization.

Our Google Editor Manual Vonau Pixel Watch 2 is not running the latest Wear OS build available. Yet, his unit got the new Vibration watch settings, though it does not work. This indicates an A/B testing on Google’s part through a server-side push. You can see if the feature is available on your Pixel Watch 2 by navigating to Settings > Vibrations. Even if you do see the option though, it is unlikely to work.

At the moment, it is unclear if Vibration watch will be a Pixel Watch 2 exclusive feature or make its way to the first-gen Pixel Watch as well.

Given the timing of this feature’s appearance, it’s likely that Google is preparing to roll out the Vibration watch feature with the March 2024 Pixel Feature Drop. Besides this, Google is also working on a new grid-style app drawer and dynamic themes for its smartwatch. All these features should presumably be released as a part of the next Pixel Feature Drop.

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