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Web Check: Open-source intelligence for any website

Web Check: Open-source intelligence for any website

Web Check offers thorough open-source intelligence and enables users to understand a website’s infrastructure and security posture, equipping them with the knowledge to understand, optimize, and secure their online presence.

Unlike similar services, Web Check is free. There’s no signup, tracking, logging, or ads. Anyone can deploy their instance easily.

Web Check

Web Check features

Web Check provides insight into the inner workings of any specified website, enabling users to identify possible security vulnerabilities, scrutinize the underlying server architecture, inspect security settings, and discover the various technologies employed by the site.

Currently, the dashboard will show IP info, SSL chain, DNS records, cookies, headers, domain info, search crawl rules, page map, server location, redirect ledger, open ports, traceroute, DNS security extensions, site performance, trackers, associated hostnames, carbon footprint.

“When you’re looking into any website or server, either as part of an OSINT investigation or just out of curiosity, there’s a couple of checks that you always start with. Think domain registrar records, SSL chain, server info, page list, tech stack, etc. None of these are hard to find individually, usually with a combination of bash commands and online tools. However, fetching, collating, and analyzing all this data is time-consuming. I created Web Check to automate this process. It locates, processes, and visualizes everything you need to provide a good starting point for your investigation. It takes just seconds to generate a full report, with no fluff,” Alicia Sykes, the creator of Web Check, told Help Net Security.

Future plans

“I’m always looking for ways to increase and improve the data returned. The web scene is constantly changing, so there are always new and interesting insights you can glean from sites. I’m working on some new checks to include this data. I’m also working on a public API to be used programmatically or integrated into researchers’ existing workflows. Due to it being free to use, I must also improve performance to keep compute costs down continuously,” Sykes concluded.

Web Check is available for free on GitHub.

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