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Warzone expert recreates fan-favorite Kar98k Sniper Rifle in Urzikstan

Warzone expert recreates fan-favorite Kar98k Sniper Rifle in Urzikstan

Max Candelarezi

When it comes to dominating long ranges in Warzone, Sniper Rifles are most players’ preferred option. Now, an expert managed to bring back the fan-favorite Kar98k one-shot Sniper into Urzikstan.

Warzone Season 2 is in full swing offering players a ton of content for both battle royale and Resurgence modes. This includes the long-awaited return of Fortune’s Keep, the first-ever Ranked mode for Resurgence, as well as fresh weaponry such as the RAM-9 and BP50.

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Additionally, the update brought a host of changes to the existing weapon roster, including buffs and nerfs set to alter the meta. Luckily for Sniper fans, Raven Software decided to grant the XRK Stalker one-shot capabilities, making it the most popular gun within the category.

Warzone expert tcTekk shared his best XRK Stalker build that’s “exactly like the Kar98” for players looking to take a trip down memory lane and enjoy taking down enemies with just a single headshot.

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tcTekk’s best one-shot XRK Stalker loadout for Warzone Season 2

  • Barrel: Fission 60 Barrel
  • Muzzle: Sonic Suppressor XL
  • Ammunition: .50 Cal High Grain Rounds
  • Rear Grip: XRK Stalker Factory Grip
  • Stock: No Stock

To kick off tcTekk’s best XRK Stalker loadout for Warzone, he chose the Sonic Suppressor XL Muzzle and .50 Cal High Grain Rounds Ammunition, which improves bullet velocity and damage range. These are essential to get one-shot kills from longer distances. Additionally, it will hide you from enemy radars.

Then, he picked the Fission 60 Barrel to further enhance the bullet velocity and aiming stability. Lastly, the XRK Stalker Factory Grip Laser and No Stock combination boosts the ADS, movement, and sprint to fire speeds, as well as improves the aiming stability.

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To recreate the beloved Kar98k, tcTekk’s loadout seeks to improve certain key attributes such as mobility and aim down sight speed, as well as bullet velocity and damage range. This is set to allow you to move easily around the Warzone’s maps, without losing the characteristic power of Snipers.

For more on Warzone, be sure to check out how to get the free Monster Energy Clutch Operator skin or the new “easy-to-use” meta Assault Rifle.

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