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Threads continues gaining steam as new social media platform

Threads continues gaining steam as new social media platform

CINCINNATI — A new social media app is creating some buzz on the internet.

Last week Facebook parent company, Meta, released Threads, a platform some say is a mix between Twitter and Instagram. It hasn’t even been around for a week, but it already has more than 100 million users.

 What You Need To Know

  • Threads is Meta’s newest social media platform
  • It allows its users to share text updates and join public conversations. You can post up to 500 characters  
  • Users say it’s a mix between Instagram and Twitter  
  • But unlike Twitter you don’t have hashtags  


For years Quinota Johnson has turned to Twitter as the place to find most of her news. That was until her significant other told her about Threads

“She received a message from one of our mutual friends and she’s like ‘Hey, I just heard about this new app called Threads’,” said Johnson. “So of course I’m like, ‘Ooh, something shiny, something new.'”

Threads is a new app and social media platform created by Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg. It allows its users to share text updates and join public conversations. You can post up to 500 characters including pictures, links and videos up to five minutes long. That’s 220 more characters than Twitter.   

“So you can now share those photos, share your thoughts and opinions,” she said. “Like when you have the most random thoughts, you could just share kind of like Facebook.”

While she enjoys those features, she said there are some downsides to the app. There aren’t any hashtags like on Twitter and it doesn’t allow her to see all her friends on her timeline that she’s following.

“I’m not seeing a lot of them on my feed yet, compared to Twitter,” she said. “I do feel like I would see that more so when I would follow people. I feel like I would see their stuff all the time.”

Overall, Johnson said she enjoys the app and looks forward to see it grow. She pans to use the platform to promote her brand in the future.

“I do want to build something as far as personally with a business,” she said. “I do want to build and I’m still in the beginning works of it because there’s some more schooling I want to have. But I think I’ll stick. I definitely do.”

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