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Shanghai firms upgrade AI applications in the Sora wave

Shanghai firms upgrade AI applications in the Sora wave

Shanghai firms are upgrading their own generative AI applications in vertical sectors such as game production and e-commerce promotion, which offer similar features to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and even Sora, the latest video generation tool, Shanghai Daily learned on Friday.

AI is one of three pioneering industries to boost Shanghai’s digital transformation and economic upgrade in the city’s development blueprint. The localized AI applications are expected to boost the city’s AI industry ecosystem development.

Shanghai-based Weimob announced on Friday it is upgrading its AI tool WAI to help online retailers including many SMEs. HK-listed Weimob offers digital tools for retailers to sell products and open stores online.


A screenshot of AI tool WAI, which can help online retailers create content including videos easily and fast.

Weimob’s WAI, already with ChatGPT-like features, has realized the production of marketing materials and posters. With the latest upgrade, it has Sora-like AI video function and digital avatar techs, covering voice synthesis training, expression adjustment and mouth matching. They are suited for short-video e-commerce marketing promotion.

In February, ChatGPT developer OpenAI released Sora, sweeping the Internet with stunning AI video generation effects. But it hasn’t revealed a timetable for opening to the public. Meanwhile, it probably can’t be easily used in the Chinese mainland.

The industry experience and the debut of Sora means AI applications have great potential for marketing and e-commerce, even probably reshaping short-video marketing segment, said Weimob.

Shanghai-based game firm Giant said on Thursday it is releasing and registering a new AI model GiantGPT. It’s a professional AI model in the gaming industry, combining high-quality company data and public data training, and deeply optimized for capabilities such as character interpretation, situational reasoning and long-term memory.

Shanghai firms upgrade AI applications in the Sora wave

Ti Gong

Shi Yuzhu, Giant’s chairman, called AI the gaming firm’s second core business.

“AI is now our second core business besides gaming,” said Shi Yuzhu, Giant’s chairman. “It (AI creation) will bring a new round of ranking in the gaming industry.”

Since 2023 with the “Game+AI” strategy, Shanghai-listed Giant has adopted generative AI in its production line, covering image, video, coding, text, model and strategy. The new GiantGPT-developed games include a new title Super Sus to debut in 2024.

Meanwhile, domestic smartphone brands are all making heavy bets on artificial intelligence. In February, firms including OPPO and Meizu announced new AI-focused strategies.

Currently, on-device AI models have been in the market among the high-end smartphone market. Brands have boasted AI features such as automatic phone script generation and calendar creation.

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