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Seven different iPhone models outsold every Android phone last year

Seven different iPhone models outsold every Android phone last year


  • Apple’s iPhone lineup continues to dominate the market, with the top seven spots taken by iPhones sold in 2023.
  • Three different iPhone 14 models held the top three spots, while the newer iPhone 15 took fifth through seventh.
  • Android’s global dominance relies on budget options, as the iPhone remains the go-to choice for those willing to pay more for premium devices.

It’s no secret the iPhone is popular — like, really popular. While Android has held onto its global dominance for well over a decade, its audience in countries like the United States has dwindled, leading the entire iPhone lineup to trounce any of our favorite Android devices, regardless of OEM. Now, we’re getting a look at how the market shook out in 2023, and to no one’s surprise, Apple’s keeping an iron grip on the entire market.

As spotted by Ars Technica, Counterpoint published its latest roundup of the top ten smartphones ranked by global sales this week, and as usual, it’s not particularly good news for Android fans. For the first time ever, Apple managed to nab the first seven spots, with Samsung’s A-series swooping in for the final three. That number isn’t unusual for Apple — it held seven spots in 2021, and topped both years with eight spots in 2022 — but it is the first time Samsung’s failed to break up the iPhone’s monopoly.

What’s arguably worse, though, is that Apple couldn’t have done much better if it tried. Three of the four iPhone 14 models took the top three spots, while the newer iPhone 15 models (which only went on sale in September) took fifth through seventh place. The iPhone 13, a more affordable device still officially sold through Apple, took fourth place, leaving the iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 15 Plus, and the third-gen iPhone SE as the only current models not to crack the top ten.

The iPhone SE, in particular, isn’t surprising. That device, which uses the iPhone 8’s design, was last refreshed in 2022 with support for 5G, and did appear on the previous year’s list in ninth place. While it’s nice to see a few low-end Samsung phones taking up the budget space, it also practically guarantees than an SE refresh — which has been rumored for months now — would crawl back into this list.

So which Samsung phones are we talking about? The Galaxy A14 5G leads the pack in eighth place, and rightfully so. As far as budget Android phones are concerned, it’s a good one for the money. Ninth and tenth place are held by the Galaxy A04e and Galaxy A14 4G, respectively — both ultra-cheap devices that, as best as I can tell, aren’t even sold in the US. And, unfortunately, that rounds out the top 10. If you were hoping for any Android flagship to battle the iPhone’s dominance here, it’s just not happening.


Android isn’t cool with teenagers, and that’s a big problem

Nearly 9 in 10 US teenagers use an iPhone, spelling disaster for Google’s mobile future

These numbers show the iPhone’s grasp on the mobile market isn’t just specific to the US. Clearly, Android’s dominance on a global scale is built off customer’s looking for affordable options. Based on these numbers, if you have the money to spend on an expensive flagship, statistically, you’re buying an iPhone. Factor in just how popular Apple’s hardware is with teenagers specifically — an age group on the brink of becoming independent customers with their own buying habits — and it’s hard not to feel some Android-centric doom and gloom.

Still, there’s some hope on the horizon. Foldables continue to make a splash, in mindshare if not in market share. Recent reports suggest Apple’s paused development on a foldable iPhone, giving Android manufacturers a chance to continue improving their respective hardware to try and win back some blue bubble converts. And speaking of, iOS will gain support for RCS this year, potentially delivering a path for some iPhone owners to try out modern Android devices without losing out on modern messaging features. There’s a path forward for Android to thrive in the premium space next to the iPhone, but it’s going to take a lot of work — and luck — to get there.

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