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Pokemon Go players completely abandon “useless” feature

Pokemon Go players completely abandon “useless” feature

Ezequiel Leis

Pokemon Go added many new features in 2023, but players feel some of them have offered no incentive to be used at all.

Pokemon Go had an interesting year in 2023 thanks to many new additions aimed at refreshing the seven-year-old experience. Routes, Party Play, and Shadow Raids are some of the additions Niantic brought to their hit mobile game, but not all of them were well received by players around the world.

The title also added XXS and XXL Pokemon before introducing players to PokeStop Showcase, another new game mechanic where trainers can compete by showcasing their biggest creatures. Sadly though, it seems players aren’t very interested in this feature either.

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Reddit user ‘ERWorli’ posted on TheSliphRoad community to ask other trainers: “What are you doing with XXL/XXS?” And, to no one’s surprise, the biggest answers were “Transferring them to the professor,” “Deleting without concern,” and “They go in the blender.”

User ‘Perky214’ explained they “used to trade them to friends but once we all got the platinum medal for XXL and XXS interest dropped wayyyy off.”

While it’s true all PokeStop Showcases make use of the XXL feature, trainers realized the rewards “aren’t worth grinding for.” “I keep XXLs for Pokémon that are current for whatever event is going on. Because they may become a showcase,” a player explained and added: “But as soon as the event is over I delete them. I don’t have room to hold onto a largest Pokémon of each one.”

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On the other hand, Pokemon Go trainers believe XXS Pokemon are “useless” since they can’t be featured in PokeStop Showcases yet, even though it was advertised at launch.

PokeStop Showcases in Pokemon GoNiantic/The Pokemon Company

PokeStop Showcase allows players to show off their biggest Pokemon in special events.

All in all, most trainers agreed there isn’t much use in keeping them after getting certain in-game Medals. “Evolving a XXL/XXS gives you credit for another catch on the XXL/XXS medals,” one trainer explained. Apart from that and the trading XXS/XXL Medal, other players recommend transferring them to Pokemon Home.

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Players explained XXS and XXL Pokemon transferred from Home to Scarlet and Violet “get a sweet title.” Of course, they also look much smaller or much bigger than the rest of their creatures, which can create cool photo ops.

And that’s what the Pokemon Go community thinks of XXS and XXL Pokemon in the game. If you’re looking for more Pokemon content, make sure to be ready for the Origin Forme Dialga and Origin Forme Palkia Raids during the Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh.

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