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Pokemon Go player has “worst” timing ever with Legendary Shiny

Pokemon Go player has “worst” timing ever with Legendary Shiny

Nathan Ellingsworth

While Pokemon Go players are used to Legendary Pokemon being tricky to catch, one player had particularly bad luck recently, with some of the worst timing players have ever seen.

Many Pokemon Go players took to the streets recently as part of the Pokemon Go Road To Sinnoh event, featuring some absolute gems from the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Pokedex.

While plenty of folks were raiding to try and get their hands on the new Origin Forme versions of Dialga and Palkia, this amazing event to celebrate the end of the Timeless Travels season also had some interesting overworld encounters, as the Legendary Lake Trio were roaming the world.

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However, while Raid encounters ensure players have a few Premier balls to try and nab their prize, an overworld encounter has no such luck, and one particularly unlucky Pokemon Go player found a Legendary ‘mon at the worst time possible.

Pokemon Go player finds Shiny Mesprit at the worst time

Pokemon Go player u/YaG_edirP recently shared their experience in a post on Reddit, showing a screenshot of their encounter with a Shiny Mesprit in the wild, alongside text reading, “This is the worst time! I only have two balls left. Guess what happened?”

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Other Pokemon Go players shared their commiseration, and their own experience from the event in the comments, with one person saying, “I was nearly pokeball broke after I encountered mine.”

Then, the person behind the original post answers, saying, “Pokemon Go is playing with our feelings Lmao.”

One inquisitive post asks the important question, saying, “Did you get it? I’m in suspense.” Thankfully, the answer is a happy one, as the OP replies, “Luckily. I did 1 ball without any berries Lol. While I caught shiny Azelf almost 20 balls and razz berries! It’s so random.”

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Finally, another comment gives some helpful advice, saying, “Use daily incense… get 30 pokeballs every time you use it.”

Hopefully, other Pokemon Go players managed to bag the Shiny Pokemon they needed, and with any luck, had plenty of Poke Balls left for the future as well.

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