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New 125g self-flying camera drone with Follow mode

New 125g self-flying camera drone with Follow mode

ZeroZero Robotics, the Chinese company that caught everybody’s attention with its wild V-shaped bi-copter Falcon drone, is back with a new offering: the Hover X1. The latest version in the Hover series is a self-flying camera drone that weighs less than an iPhone and features several pre-programmed flight modes for cinematic shots.

With its propellers fully enclosed with safety guards, the Hover X1 is designed to take off from and land in your hand. While the 125g drone is already pretty compact, it features a foldable design that makes it even more convenient to carry and store.

The camera specs are pretty basic, but not shabby for capturing hands-free selfies and special moments. The X1 can take 12MP photos and 2.7K/30fps videos. You also get a Burst Mode to ensure you don’t miss out on the perfect shot. Photos and videos are stored using 32GB of onboard memory.

The good part is this drone comes with ZeroZero’s proven triple stabilization hybrid anti-shake technology — a combination of mechanical (pitch axis) and electronic (EIS) stabilization, along with horizon leveling. This tech works across five popular flight modes, including:

  • Hover, which frames you from a static position, and is perfect for hands-free selfies or group photos.
  • Follow, where the drone follows you from the front or back up to 20km/h. Computer vision algorithms keep you centered in the frame.
  • Zoom Out, which gradually includes more of the surroundings for a dramatic effect, making it ideal for capturing the vibe of parties, camping, or backyard barbecues.
  • Orbit, where the drone orbits steadily around you, so you can showcase a location or object like your new home, car, or even a new puppy!
  • Bird’s Eye, which captures overhead views with just one click, so you can see how even the most complex moments are laid out.

ZeroZero explains that you can customize whether you want to take photos or video clips, as well as adjust the height, distance, and angle of the shots easily from the Hover X1 app. The app not only offers remote control of the drone through virtual buttons, but it also provides a live preview feature for a more immersive shooting experience where you can also adjust the composition and angles in real-time.

A single battery gives you a flight time of up to 11 minutes. The drone combo, available in two colors, comes with two batteries in the package.

The Hover X1, which is safe to fly both indoors and outdoors since its propellers are not exposed, uses advanced Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) technology and ToF laser altitude determination system to fly with precision. It does not rely on GPS signals.

hover x1 buy price features drone

Hover X1 drone: Price and where to buy

You can buy the Hover X1 pocket drone on Amazon. While the listing price of the drone is $479, you should be able to save $100 through a coupon available on the product page.

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