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Lots of people see a problem with this robot car park

Lots of people see a problem with this robot car park

While a futuristic robot car park sounds like it would be the perfect way to effortlessly find a space – everyone sees the same flaw in its design.

Robotic car valeting takes the stress out of driving laps, trying to finding a car space in a pinch, and reverse parking in a tight spot with a queue of impatient drivers behind you.

Enter the automated valet in this amazing video.

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Simply, get out of the car, lock it and walk away.

Just like this robot, which can help you park your car.

It’s as futuristic as it sounds – which is no surprise considering flying cars are said to be coming to the market in 2024.

The technology is automated and arranges cars vertically into stacks, which take the place of parking spaces.

Not unlike car lifts used by the uber-wealthy.

The vertical system allows car parks in busy areas at busy times to be far more compact.

Plus, the system means there’s no longer a need for space-taking ramps for drivers to go up and down or pedestrians to climb or descend.

The intelligent system analyses and calculates the fastest route to get the vehicle both in and out of its system.

As an added bonus, there’s even an integrated car wash, meaning the holistic experience can take something off your ever-growing ‘to-do’ list.

Sceptics are, as ever, unconvinced.

Rather than celebrating a potentially streamlined and time-saving system, they had one question: what happens when everyone wants their car out at the same time?

“What happens when the elevator Machine stops working? Besides this can only serve one car at a time,” one commented.

“I just loved this but… what happens at the end of the day when everyone needs to get all the cars at the same time?” another queried.

With queues significant after a 5pm finish – imagine the chaos after a major concert or sports event.

Apparently this happened in Stockholm, Sweden in 2013.

The power failed in the automatic car parking system – and it wasn’t a quick fix.

18 vehicles were left in the car park for weeks.

The Reddit community is full of ideas of alternatives to the risky tech.

“Instead of an automated parking, they should just have a system that highlights/guides drivers to free spots, it’s way easier and faster,” one Redditor said.

Some pointed out that the system would work better for bikes, with that technology already in use in Japan.

“Cars are not the future,” they said.

“This is technology for the sake of technology. It doesn’t solve a single problem but introduces several additional points of possible failure,” lamented a second.

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