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How to get Pachirisu, Chatot and Carnivine during Go Tour Sinnoh in Pokémon Go

How to get Pachirisu, Chatot and Carnivine during Go Tour Sinnoh in Pokémon Go

Pachirisu, Chatot and Carnivine are the three regionally exclusive Gen 4 Pokémon and they can all be obtained during the Go Tour: Sinnoh event in Pokémon Go.

If you haven’t added these Pokémon to your Pokémon Go Pokédex yet, we highly recommend doing so during Go Tour: Sinnoh Global since they’re status as regional exclusives makes them incredibly hard to find if you don’t live in their specific regions.

If you miss this opportunity you’ll have to wait until the Gen 4 regionally exclusive Pokémon have a limited worldwide release again and who knows when that will be…

So, to help you catch these rare Pokémon, we’ve outlined how to get Pachirisu, Chatot and Carnivine during Go Tour: Sinnoh below.

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How to get Pachirisu, Chatot and Carnivine during Go Tour Sinnoh in Pokémon Go

Pachirisu, Chatot and Carnivine can all be obtained using the same method during Go Tour: Sinnohhatching 10km eggs collected during event hours.

There are two important things to remember when attempting to add these Pokémon to your collection. The first is that, as mentioned, the 10km eggs in question must be collected during the events hours of Go Tour: Sinnoh Global – this is 10am to 6pm (local time) on Saturday 24th February and Sunday 25th February. Any 10km egg collected outside of this time frame will not contain Pachirisu, Chatot and Carnivine.

Secondly, all three Pokémon are on the same egg tier. This means you have an equal chance of hatching Pachirisu, Chatot and Carnivine, but no guarantee on which one you will hatch. Due to this, you may find yourself hatching 10km egg after 10km egg in an attempt to find the right Pokémon. Thankfully, the hatch distance for an egg placed in an Incubator during the Go Tour: Sinnoh Global event hours will be halved, so you won’t have to walk nearly as far to hatch them.

Pachirisu and Chatot.

You might, however, have already caught the three Pokémon if you purchased the Road to Sinnoh: Hatch Timed Research quest where they appeared as encounter rewards.

Good luck adding Pachirisu, Chatot and Carnivine to your Pokémon collection!

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