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Everything you need for smart home security

Everything you need for smart home security

Your home should be your safe space, but sometimes, its safety is compromised. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, property crimes comprise over 85% of all crimes. And while that number is undoubtedly high, it’s important to note that homes that do not have any type of security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized than those that have some type of security system or device.

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Installing security measures outside your home can provide peace of mind whether you live in the middle of the woods or an urban area. We rounded up the best smart home security tech, from cameras to doorbells to door locks and more, so that you can protect your home and, most importantly, the people inside it.

A security camera 

A reliable security camera is your first and foremost defense against criminals. The best outdoor security cameras use motion-sensing technology to alert you to someone or something on your property so that you can see what is happening and take the proper action. 

The EufyCam 3 is the overall best outdoor security camera because it combines wire-free technology, solar power (two hours of sunlight required), 4K resolution video, and wide-angle viewing. 

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The cameras also employ BionicMind AI technology, which intelligently differentiates motion from humans, animals, and vehicles, as well as face recognition to inform you who is approaching your home. Plus, the cameras only need a few hours of sunlight daily for solar power, so you’ll never need to manually charge them.

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A video doorbell

One of the most subtle yet effective security measures you can add to your home is a video doorbell to provide insight into who — or what — is at the door, especially if it’s an unwanted visitor or potential porch pirate. Our top picks for the best video doorbells have features like HD video and motion detection and can connect to mobile apps and various smart home devices, so you can ask Alexa, “Who is at the door?” without leaving your couch.

This video doorbell has two useful cameras: One camera gives you the traditional visibility of who’s at your front door, and another is pointed downwards to let you know when a package has been delivered. It can also correctly determine what motion is a person, animal, vehicle, or just the wind, with very few false alerts.

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Although the doorbell comes with 8GB of built-in local storage (enough for up to 60 days of event recordings), you need to add a Eufy Security HomeBase to get the most out of it. 

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A smart lock 

Another way to protect the entryways of your home is to install a smart lock. Today’s top smart locks use fingerprint technology and customizable key combinations, making it easier to go keyless and give those you trust access to your home while making it harder for strangers to find a way in. 

The Yale Assure Lock 2 has a sleek, attractive design that matches any household style. It features a touchscreen keypad that you can set up with different codes–everyone from your in-laws to your dog walker. The lock also can be set up with auto-lock, so you have peace of mind that you didn’t forget to lock the door. 

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The Wi-Fi module works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, and you can even use your Apple Watch to unlock your door.

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A floodlight 

Outdoor security floodlights can deter lurkers, alert you of unwanted visitors, and provide the convenience of a well-lit exterior for nightly trash runs. The best outdoor security floodlights offer flexible programming with dusk-to-dawn modes, motion detectors, and adjustable brightness to shine a light on the darker parts of your property.

The Eufy Security Floodlight Cam E340 has a built-in wide-angle camera that captures 3K-resolution video, while the telephoto camera records up to 2K resolution and can capture details up to 50 feet away. 

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The 2,000lm brightness alone competes with some best-selling PAR38 bulbs, and it can be set to ambient lighting on a schedule or automatically from dusk to dawn.

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A driveway alarm 

Driveway alarms work with built-in sensors to detect motion or heat (or both), alerting you that someone is on or near your property. Though the name implies they’re for driveways only, the best driveway alarms can be placed anywhere near your home, and can even be integrated with other security devices to let you know when someone is approaching your home. 

You can install this driveway alarm on your home or a post outside of it to provide the most visibility of incoming people. It offers three levels of sensitivity ranging from low to high, with the highest being up to 40 feet, so you can choose the right amount of coverage for your property.

Once you set up the alarm, any detected motion will trigger a melody on the receiver to alert you. The Guardline 500-foot range alarm offers over 30 melodies to choose from, and you can add up to 16 sensors for different areas around your home, each with its own melody.

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You might also need…

Security cameras, video doorbells, and smart locks are some of our favorite smart home security stapes, but there are other options you and your home could benefit from. Check out these other picks that can add protection to your home. 

Yes they do! According to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 60 percent of criminals they would seek an alternative target if there was an alarm on-site at a home or property. So while you may want to opt for more discreet-looking camera or system to blend in with your home’s aesthetic, it’s probably a good idea to get a camera that contrasts against your home’s color (i.e., a black camera against a white house) and to make sure it is large enough for people to see. 

And, if you’re a renter and not a home owner, you should still consider investing in some security measures. A 2023 survey by SafeWise found that 28 percent of renters experience property crime compared to 27 percent of homeowners.

It really depends on the type of protection you want/need and how your home and property are set up. Some of the most common features for smart home security include motion detection, night vision, app compatibility to receive alerts or notifications directly to your phone, and more. 

It’s also essential to ensure your home’s entryway has some security measure, whether it’s an outdoor camera or a video doorbell since 34 percent of burglaries happen by someone twisting the doorknob of their target house and walking inside.

A wireless security camera is easier to install since it just requires batteries. They can also be placed in more locations since they don’t need to connect to any wires. However, wireless systems don’t extend their connection as far, and are more prone to losing their connection, especially if your Wi-Fi goes down for any reason. 

Wired systems typically provide better-quality video and audio due to their steady connection. However, these cameras aren’t immune to losing connection: a wired security camera will stop working if a power outage happens. 

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