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Elden Ring players believe they found DLC’s location on map

Elden Ring players believe they found DLC’s location on map

Shane Black

Some Elden Ring fans believe they’ve found the location of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC on the game’s map.

The first trailer for Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC dropped this past week, and has left fans speculating about every little detail.

Players are trying to figure out how characters fit into the greater lore and how the DLC could shed new light on what has happened in The Lands Between.

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They have even put in the work to find where the physical location of the DLC will be, and the Elden Ring community think’s they’ve figured it out.

Elden Ring fans predict the DLC’s location

The theory was shared on the Elden Ring subreddit, where the original poster an image of the game’s map, with the location of each Divine Tower highlighted, and then lines showing the middle point between them being in the middle of a previously-inaccessible spot.

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In sharing the photo, they also ask: “Are the divine towers holding the veil?”

In the base game, this area can’t be reached, as it is comprised of a large sea and a part of it hidden by a mysterious cloud.

It’s always been an intriguing area for the Elden Ring players, and now it seems like it could be the answer to one of the DLC’s biggest questions.

“The land around the central sea consists entirely of sheer cliffs too, with no beaches. It’s like a huge chunk of land was there that got teleported out of existence.”

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The community is referencing the game’s lore as to why this theory could work. Shadow of the Erdtree is set to take place in an area called Land of Shadow, which many believe references the character of Marika literally removing it from the map.

One user even pointed out that another player previously glitched their way into the cloud and found a place that looked perfect for a location to be added.

Others are a little more skeptical of the idea, with one fan pointing to Hidetaka Miyazaki’s claim that the DLC map would be larger than the area of Limgrave.

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However, some have come to explain this away, as one person says: “Maybe not on the surface, but there could also be an underground section that adds to the total size of the DLC area.”

While the exact location for Elden Ring’s expansion is far from proven, the community is sure to continue scrutinizing everything they can to figure it out before its release on June 21st.

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