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Creepy vision of future reveals silent AI robots ‘trained in minutes’ filling offices and cleaning for your children

Creepy vision of future reveals silent AI robots ‘trained in minutes’ filling offices and cleaning for your children

HUMANOID robots with permanent smiles have been demonstrated doing office work in a popular YouTube video.

The clip was posted by a company called 1X and it demonstrates the capabilities of its EVE robots.

A company called 1X has created a humanoid robot called EVECredit: YouTube/1X
The robots have been demonstrated in a video entering an officeCredit: YouTube/1X

“Strong enough to move shipments but gentle enough to handle fragile items, EVE will easily fit into your logistics workflow and work seamlessly alongside your team in a warehouse or distribution center,” the video caption explains.

The 1X video has over 11,000 views and was posted late last year.

“1X designs androids built to benefit society.

“Since 2014, we’ve been building androids with safety first, balanced performance, and smart behavior.

“Our mission is to design androids that work alongside people to meet the world’s labor demand and build an abundant society,” the caption continues.

The video shows the robots completing simple tasks like wheeling carts, lifting boxes, and sorting through parcels.

An LED facial expression on all the robots makes them look happy to be doing their tasks.

Most viewers who commented on the video seemed impressed with the AI machines.

“Amazing, wishing 1X team good luck with the rollout!” one wrote.

“Okay so in the near future half of all Amazon workers are absolutely definitely kind of screwed,” one viewer added.

Scientists want to replace guide dogs with four-legged AI robots that TALK to users

The company has been working on two different robots.

One is called EVE and the other is called NEO.

“Currently in operation across the world, EVE is a wheeled android built to work alongside your team from logistics to retail,” the 1X website explains.

NEO is arguably even more human-like as it has feet instead of wheels.

“Your intelligent android assistant, currently in development. NEO is a bipedal android with humanoid hands designed for general applications,” 1X explains.

The company has also created another robot called NEOCredit: 1X Tech

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