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Best moveset for Drapion in Pokemon Go & is it any good?

Best moveset for Drapion in Pokemon Go & is it any good?

Chris Studley

Here’s our look at the best moveset for Drapion in Pokemon Go, plus the entire slate of moves available and whether it’s any good in PvP action.

The fourth generation of Pokemon introduced fans to Skorupi and Drapion, the latter of which proved to be a formidable creature in the mainline games.

But, how should Pokemon Go trainers treat the Poison/Dark-type Pokemon?

Here’s an overview of the best moveset for Drapion in Pokemon Go, as well as whether it can hold its own in PvP play.

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Drapion general stats in Pokemon Go

Drapion from Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company

This Poison/Dark-type has a defense-based spread with 180 (ATK), 202 (DEF), and 172 (STA) and can reach a max CP value of 2773 in Pokemon Go, which can be boosted by Cloudy and Foggy weather.

Drapion is vulnerable to only Ground-type attacks, while the Pokemon resists Dark, Ghost, Grass, Poison, and Psychic moves.

Drapion’s best moveset in Pokemon Go

The best moveset for Drapion is Bite as a Fast Move and Sludge Bomb as a Charged Move, with 12.47 damage per second and 351.1 damage before the Pokemon faints.

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All moves Drapion can learn in Pokemon Go

Here’s a look at all the moves Drapion can learn in Pokemon Go:

Fast Moves

  • Bite (Dark/STAB)
  • Poison Sting (Poison/STAB)
  • Infestation (Bug)
  • Ice Fang (Ice)

Charged Moves

  • Aqua Tail (Water)
  • Sludge Bomb (Poison/STAB)
  • Crunch (Dark/STAB)
  • Fell Stinger (Bug)

Is Drapion any good in Pokemon Go?

Drapion is not the worst Pokemon that one can run with in PvP play. However, the Shadow version of Drapion ranks better than its regular form. Per PvPoke, Drapion came in #143 in the Ultra League.

Shadow Drapion also ranks better in Ultra League action, as Shadow XL Drapion came in at #120.

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